About Me

Hello, my name is Mario Garza, and I’ve been in and around the IT business for over 20 years.

Mario A. Garza
Mario A. Garza
Owner – MAGco Solutions

I have helped small businesses, mid-size companies, non-profit agencies and individuals to find the software solution that fits their technological needs. I’ve been able to provide the right solution at a fraction of the price of a larger software developing company. The ‘big guys’ make it complicated but I keep it simple, by recommending and providing a software solution that works with the way you do business.

I use a simple 3 step process to ensure the right software solution is found. It’s called the 3-D’s: discovering, developing and deploying. Feel free to contact me by email or phone. I never charge for my advice and your first consultation is always free.

Need more information? Stay and have a look around. You can click on any of the links on this page or read and subscribe to my blog to learn more.

“MAGco Solutions is what MAGco Solutions does.”

And here’s what MAGco Solutions does…