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Northern Mockingbird

A while ago Mimic had suggested we get out there, brave the cold and chase some birds. I was beginning to agree with him. Of course we’d have to bundle up in layers, take an umbrella with us and eat breakfast before we go. Nonetheless, we knew an adventure await us if we could just get ourselves in the car and out the door. “I’m going to see if Hawkeye needs some help. Let me know if you see anything else.”

Snowfeather and Mimic had continued to survey the neighborhood from the upstairs window, so I wasn’t surprised that upon my return I found them both with binocular pressed against their eyes and fixed on a spot across the street behind our house. “There’s another,” said Snowfeather. “On Bird Tree.”

“Bird Tree?” I asked.

“Mimic spotted it. It’s perched high on the tree, up among the dead branches.”

“Mimic.” I looked him in the eye. “What is she talking about?”

“The bird on the tree over there, the really tall one. Not the one with the leaves, the other one next to that one. The one with the dead branches at the top. Well not the tippity-top but just below there. That’s where the bird is.”

A Cold Northern.

Apparently I was the only one in the conversation that didn’t know that ‘bird tree’ was the seasonal densely leaved and comparably very tall tree across the street, where in times past birds have come to roost, nest, raise their young and do whatever else birds do.

At last, I spotted it too. “Is that a Mockingbird?”

“Yes,” said Mimic. “A Northern Mockingbird.”

“He looks cold. All fluffed out like that.”

Snowfeather agreed. “I guess we’d be cold too if we were out there.”

And we would soon find out how cold being out in the cold would be.


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