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The Killer Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets seem to be a staple for small businesses. Everything from A to Z, from Accounting to Warranty (okay from A to W) is done on spreadsheets.  Small business’ Customers, Purchases, Inventory and Scheduling data is mostly stored and retrieved via spreadsheets.

Ever had a problem with one cell on a spreadsheet, and as a result of that error your whole business came to a screeching halt?

All of your company’s resources were focused on finding that little blip in code, that proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ among the thousands of rows and columns!

Has this happened to you?

That sort of thing doesn’t happen with a database. With a database application all source code is secured safely within a user interface (UI). That important data, whether it be your Customers, Purchases or Inventory is never corrupted by someone accidentally deleting a formula. Your company’s data is securely stored separate from outside influences and only accessible through predesigned data entry and data retrieval forms. Your critical business data can also be analyzed and reported on in countless ways!

Did you know that Microsoft Access has been a simple, cost effective and reliable solution for small businesses everywhere?


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