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Gaining Access

Every modern company, no matter the size, is inundated with information each and every day. Exchanging information is what ‘being in business’ is all about. The information your company receives each day has to be handled with care. Every week, your office may handle hundreds of files and thousands of folders. Tens-of-thousands of bits of important information is on that paperwork. This information needs to be kept and stored safely. When it comes to storing the actual paper that makes up your paperwork, filing cabinets are the best.

What does your business do with all the information in those files and on those papers?

Has this happened to you?

All those files and folders;  your contacts, the accounting ledgers, the sales, customer service and expense reports, the inventory tracking and project management charts – all those papers are sitting safely stored and filed away. Does the information in those files and on those papers have to stay there?

For nearly two decades Microsoft Access has helped small and mid-sized businesses with all their data management needs.

With Access not only are you able to quickly store and organize your data more effectively, but you can also retrieve that information with a touch of a button. You can analyze your company’s data in a variety of ways. The business data you need – the charts and all those customized reports your employees work all day to deliver to you — all that information can be just a couple of clicks away.

Gaining ‘access’ to what you need, when you need it, is what Microsoft Access is all about.

Someday offices may not require filing cabinets at all. The technology world is working hard to make that happen. With advances in digital scanning, digitizing and document management, paperwork is becoming a thing of the past. Microsoft Access is a big part of that ‘filing-cabinets-are-so-yesterday’ revolution.

I guess you could say that Access is the filing cabinet of the future.