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Egyptian Geese

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After driving through the famous water crossing in our city’s largest park we decided to stop at the cobblestone lined banks of the downtown river. We had hoped we could spot something new.

Mallards were an obvious observation as were the whistling ducks as they whizzed by and out of camera shot. A lone American coot careened near an open culvert (or below the hole in the wall). Finding a few blue-winged teal scattered about the emerald waterway (also not in frame) was a favored first. The gadwall we saw later that day was another nice new edition.

Still the waterfowl that ‘pecked’ our curiosity most and grabbed the attention of a passerby who asked, ‘which one is it?’, was a bird that once flocked exclusively on the other side of the world, the Egyptian goose.

Many exotic birds have been introduced into the wild in this country and some like these geese from North Africa have found their way to Texas. The Egyptian Geese that you see lining the wall of the San Antonio river – ain’t originally from around these-here parts – but we are happy to welcome these beautiful birds to this picturesque downtown park!